The well-being of immigrants: The role of migration, past and present life

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Who doesn’t know them, the fairy tales of Brother’s Grimm? Although there are many, the fantastic stories from our childhood have one thing in common: their promise, that no matter what hard times a protagonist goes through, his or her efforts will eventually be rewarded with eternal happiness.

Much like the heroes and heroines of these timeless tales, today, millions of people around the world embark on their own arduous journeys, voluntarily or involuntarily, and leave behind their homeland in search of a brighter future.

This project brings together work about whether these people succeed, and the factors that contribute to achieving or missing their goal.

  • 2024 | International migration and shifts in subjective well-being: A longitudinal study using German panel data Migration Studies | with Nico Stawarz, Andreas Ette, and Heiko Rüger | Poster | Article

  • 2023 | Subjektives Wohlbefinden und demografische Ergeinisse im Lebenslauf. WISTA - Wirtschaft und Statistik, 6 | with Volker Cihlar, Nadja Milewski, C. Katharina Spieß, and Nico Stawarz | PDF

  • 2023 | BiB.Monitor Wohlbefinden 2023. Wie zufrieden ist die Bevölkerung Deutschlands? | with C. Katharina Spieß, Mara Barschkett, Volker Cihlar, Anna Dechant, Jean Philipp Décieux, Sabine Diabaté, Elke Lochinger, Nadja Milewski, Heiko Rüger, Sophia Schmitz, and Nico Stawarz | PDF

  • Work in progress | Return migration and its impact on individuals’ subjective well-being | with Martijn Hendriks and Nico Stawarz
Andreas Genoni
Andreas Genoni
PostDoc in migration and integration research