Is "Reactive Cosmopolitanism" a thing?

I had the pleasure to host Nella Geurts at the BiB, where we presented and discussed ongoing research on the relationship between social exclusion and cosmopolitan belonging

One of the most exciting and enriching things in my profession is the chance to get to know great and like-minded people from all around the world, exchange ideas with them, learn from them, laugh with them and collaborate with them.

This week, my dear colleague and friend Nella Geurts (Radboud University, NL) visited me at the BiB in Wiesbaden to work on a mutual project based on our GERPS data. We had the chance to present our work in process in front of my BiB fellows and to get valuable feedback.

You wonder what the project is about? Well, we do not want to already spoil too much at this point but you can already find an abstract here.